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The links below will help researchers to locate material on specific subjects within The Loyalist Collection.

Health and Medicine

Health and Medicine



Piracy and Privateering

Piracy and Privateering


Black History

Slaves harvesting sugarcane

British West Indies
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Researching Loyalists

PDF icon ResearchALoyalist.pdf

Recommended process and sources to use when researching individual loyalists in The Loyalist Collection.

PDF icon OnlineLoyalistResources.pdf

Reputable online sources which are useful for researching loyalists.

PDF icon GenealogySelectedResourcesHIL.pdf

Selected Genealogy Resources at the Harriet Irving Library.

PDF icon Glossary-NB-County-Court-Records.pdf

Glossary to assist in the use of the records of the New Brunswick Count Court of the General Quarter Sessions.

Palaeography Help

 PDF icon Palaeography Help.pdf

Tips for reading historical, handwritten documents.

PDF icon RevolutionaryLetterExamples.pdf

Examples of cursive writing from the late eighteenth-century British Atlantic World.