The Loyalist Collection holds primary documents pertaining to the experiences of those who were supportive of the British cause during the American Revolution, known as Loyalists, including the years of resettlement. Predominantly, the material covers the years 1750 to 1850 and geographically the British North Atlantic World: eastern parts of both present-day Canada and the United States, Great Britain, and the West Indies. Due to this breadth, the Collection is also a great source to shed light on many topics relevant to this period. The Collection also holds a selection of sources in print (not included in The Loyalist Collection catalogue but accessible via the Print Materials link).

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The Team

From its inception, The Loyalist Collection's online presence has been a collaboration involving many people.


  • Microforms: Christine Jack, Leah Grandy, and students
  • Systems: James MacKenzie, Jeff Carter, Brian Cassidy, Jeremy McDermott
  • Graphic Designer: Monica Fitzpatrick
  • Reference Department: Joanne Smythe, Alicia McLaughlin, Kim Vose Jones
  • Access Services: Virginia Leiter, Pamela Smith, Nicole Dominix

Alumni Previous to 2014

  • Kathryn Hilder, Librarian at Harriet Irving Library - Original creator of The Loyalist Collection and creator and author of the catalogue and inventory, including the catalogue database, inventory text, finding aids and the classification schedules, and Librarian in charge of the Collection from 1978 until her retirement in 1998
  • Patricia Kennedy, Library and Archives Canada - Archivist expertise
  • Stephen Sloan, Librarian at the Harriet Irving Library - Website manager
  • Ardeth Maguire, Departmental Secretary for the Reference Department; and Michael Romard, student assistant
  • Francesca Holyoke, Science Librarian; Elizabeth Fairbairn, Sylvia Guidry, James Kerr, Linda Roulston and Florence Thompson, Library Assistants in the Reference Department; Patricia Good, Anthony Oguntuase and Perry Pryor, Student Assistants in the Reference Department; Joanna Laskey, Stephanie Lutz, James MacGregor, and Sean Swanick, Student Assistants in the Microforms Department


Funding Bodies

The Loyalist Collection had its origin in the late 1960s with the formation of the Programme for Loyalist Studies and Publications. The University of London, City University of New York, American Antiquarian Society, and the University of New Brunswick were the institutions involved in an international agreement to identify, list, and microfilm all the Loyalist primary sources in the three countries. The Canada Council provided financial support in this country. By the time the Canadian section of the project ceased in 1976, approximately 700 reels of microfilm had been deposited in the UNB Library. In 1982, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada awarded the UNB Library a three-year, $50,000 grant to expand the microfilm collection of Loyalist materials and to enhance the Library's other resources which support Loyalist research. The awarding of this grant coincided with the New Brunswick Bicentennial in 1784 and the founding of the University of New Brunswick in 1785, both events being a direct result of Loyalist settlement. With purchases made possible by the SSHRC grant, the UNB History Department, and private donors, and with the microfilm accumulated under the Programme, the Loyalist Collection was gradually assembled and organized by Kathryn Hilder, the librarian in charge of the Collection from 1978 until her retirement in 1998. With an additional support of funding from the United Empire Loyalists' Association in 2004, and contributions from private citizens, the Collection continues to grow. Many finding aids have been made available electronically for the benefit of researchers due to the generosity of many of the institutions who hold the originals for the material held in the Collection.

Technical Aspects

The original web version of the website and catalogue was uploaded in 1999. A rebuild and redesign of the site was accomplished in 2014, with new features added. Please feel free to send comments or suggestions; we welcome your thoughts.


The Collection contains material purchased from other organisations; thus, unless the original materials are held by the University of New Brunswick, we do not own the copyright of the content so we cannot grant permission for reuse. Permissions must come from the original copyright owner, usually the publisher or owner of the originals. The catalogue records will typically indicate the original owners. The Loyalist Collection is protected by the limitations outlined in the Canadian Copyright Act. The text and literary content may be used according to the rules outlined in the Fair Dealing and other applicable exceptions. Images are not the property of the University of New Brunswick Libraries and requests for copying must come from the original copyright owner. Acknowledgements go to the following for their contributions of images and historical notes:

  • The images of the officer and the uniform button of the King's American Regiment, are reproduced with permission of Philip Katcher and Reed Consumer Books. They are taken from the book by Philip Katcher, The American Provincial Corps, 1775-1784, Reading, Berkshire: Osprey, 1973.
  • The plate of the private soldier is reproduced with permission of the City of Fredericton and is taken from a brochure, The Royal Provincials: Loyalist Regiments in New Brunswick, published in 1985 to commemorate the bicentennial of the founding of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.
  • The reproduction of the Royal Provincials (RP) button is used with the permission of John Claus, DeLancey's Brigade, 3rd Battalion (re-enactment group), Saint John, New Brunswick.
  • Background information on the King's American Regiment was prepared by Lt. Col. (Ret'd.) Robert Dallison, Fredericton, New Brunswick.
    Revised 2016