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Philosophy, Psychology, Religion


Virginia Gazette Index AI3 .V57 1950
Churches in Delaware during the Revolution: With a Brief Account of Their Settlement and Growth BR555 .D4 W37 1925
The Churches of Shelburne County BR575 .N6 J33 2006
Handbook of Churches in the Caribbean BR655 .H36 1982
Pax Vobis: a history of the Diocese of Saint John : its bishops and parishes BX1423. S33 M33
An historical sketch of the first fifty years of The Church of England : in the Province of New Brunswick (1783-1833) BX5611 .N53 L48 1880
Old St. Edward's Church & the Loyalists BX5617 .C58 M33 2021
The Fulham Papers in the Lambeth Palace Library BX5881 .M26
Connecticut's First Diocesan: A Supplement to Seabury Traditions BX5995 .S3 C356 1985

Auxiliary Sciences of History


(Here are classed works on the science of archives, guides to depositories, inventories or archival material.)

List of the Colonial Office Record, Volume 3, America to 1946 CD1052 1976 v.3
The Nova Scotia Records of the United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, 1722-1860, in the archives of the USPG, London CD1069 .L68 N68 1985
Descriptive Catalogue of the Documents Relating to the History of the United States in the Papeles Procedentes de Cuba CD1859 .S3 U5 1965
The Manuscript Collections of the Maryland Historical Society CD3281 .M37 1968
Guide to Research Materials in the North Carolina State Archives: County Records CD3424 .N67 1997
Inventory of the Military Documents in the Canadian Archives CD3626 .C78
Guide to the Documents in Manuscript Room at the Public Archives of Canada CD3626 .P37 v.1
New Brunswick Museum Inventory Manuscripts CD3645 .N4 A45
Inventory of Manuscripts in the Public Archives of NS CD3645 .N6 P82


A to Zax : A Comprehensive Dictionary for Genealogists & Historians CS6 .E9 1995
Cyndi's List of 40,000 Genealogical Sites on the Net CS21 .H747 1999
The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy CS47 .G79 2017
Chasing Elusive Women: A Historians Guide CS49 .P72 1997
Index of References to American Women in Colonial Newspapers Through 1800 CS61 .E43 1979 v. 1
Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War CS63 .C55 v.1-3
Locating Your Revolutionary War Ancestor: A Guide to the Military Records CS63 .N42 1983
American Wills & Administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1610 – 1857 CS68 .C517 1989
Genealogical Data from Colonial New York Newspapers : a consolidation of articles from the New York genealogical and biographical record CS68 .G46 2000
Christian Feero, Loyalist of New Brunswick, and his Descendants CS71 .F3944
The Family of Zadock Hawkins CS71. H382 2005
In Their Footsteps: A 500 Year Genealogical Odyssey CS71 .P175 2015
The Schriver Family CS71 .S372 2003
Index to the Ontario Genealogical Society's Bulletin, 1962 – 1970 and Families, 1971 – 1997 CS80 .R44 2000
Index to the Ontario Genealogical Society's Families, Volume II 1998-2006, Selected Subjects CS80 .R443 2007
Mémoires de la Société généalogique canadienne-française : index des articles 1944-2001 CS80 .S678a 2000
Tools of the Trade for Canadian Genealogy: A Guide for Family Historians Researching in Canada CS82 .D683 2000 c.2
Generations 10: A Collection of the Last Ten Issues of the Newsletter of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society CS82 .N4 N42 2000
Canadian Railway Records: A Guide for Genealogists CS83 .D68 1994
Guide to Family Research in the Archival Repositories of the United Church of Canada CS83 .G85 1996
More Notices from Methodist Papers, 1830 – 1857 CS83 .M37 1986
United Empire Loyalists : a guide to tracing Loyalist ancestors in Upper Canada CS83 .M477 2006
Annapolis Township Book CS88 .A566 B88 1998
1838 Census Index of Antigonish County CS88 .A57 M38 1999
1838 Census Index of Annapolis County, Nova Scotia CS88 .A566 M38 1999
Genealogist's Handbook for Atlantic Canada Research CS88 .A88 G46 1989
Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada Marriage Records, 1832 – 1887 CS88 .C37 H388 1991
Northern Carleton County, New Brunswick, Cemeteries CS88 .C37 H395 1988
Cumberland County Genealogical Society: Will Book “A” 1770-1830 [Electronic Resource] CS88 .C85 W55 2007
1838 Census Index of Digby County, Nova Scotia CS88 .D5 M34 1999
Mariages de Gaspe-Est, 1752-1941 CS88. G37 B68 2003
Les Régistres de la Gaspésie (1752 – 1850) CS88 .G37 G34 1968 t.1, t.2, t.3, t.4, t.5
Obituaire des Décès Non-Catholiques du Comté de Gaspé (ca. 1820-2000) CS88 .G37 O94 2002 v. 1-2
1838 Census Index of Halifax County, Nova Scotia CS88 .H34 M34 2003
Loyalist Ancestors: Some Families of the Hamilton Area CS88 .H37 L68 1986
Granville Township Book CS88 .H73 B87 2000
1838 Census of Hants and Kings Counties CS88 .H375 M38 1997
Gone but not Forgotten: Cemetery Inscriptions of Kings County, NB CS88 .K5 E44 1990 v.1 – 4
Yesteryear – Marriages Kings County Register “A” CS88 .K5 K55 1988
Kings County Church Records CS 88. K55 K 54 2006
Kings County Probate Records CS88 .K55 K55 2003
Kings County Deeds Index CS88 .K55 K553 2003
Kings County Townships Records CS88 .K55 K557 2010
Early Families of “The Macadavy” CS88 .M24 C72 2003
Marriages 1766 – 1850 Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal QC, Quebec Canada CS88 .M68 M37 1991
Arrivals: Our First Families in New Brunswick CS88 .N4 A77
American Loyalists to New Brunswick: The Ship Passenger Lists CS88 .N4 B44 2015
Generations 10: A Collection of the 1st Ten Issues of the Newsletter of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society CS88 .N4 N4 2000
Generations 11-20: A Collection of The Second Ten Issues of the Newsletter of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society CS88 .N4 N42 2000
Generations 21-20: A Collection of Issues 21 to 30 of "Generations", the Quarterly Magazing of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society, Inc. CS88 .N4 N422 2005
Generations 10: A Collection of Issues 31 to 40 of the Quarterly Magazine of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society CS88 .N4 N423 2007
Early New Brunswick Probate Records 1785 – 1835 CS88 .N43 H35 1989
King's Loyal Americans CS88 .N4 W66 2 copies
Kings County Church Records CS88 .N6 K56 2006
Deaths, Burials, and Probate of Nova Scotians, 1749-1799, From Primary Sources, 2 volumes CS88 .N6 M37 1990
A Catalogue of Published Genealogies of Nova Scotia Families CS88 .N6 M37 1984
Halifax County (N.S. Genealogical Sources County Guide Series) CS88 .N6 N6 no.1-8
Nova Scotia Vital Statistics from Newspapers, 1823-1828 CS88 .N6 N68
Nova Scotia Vital Statistics from Newspapers, 1769-1812 CS88 .N6 N678
Nova Scotia Vital Statistics from Newspapers, 1813-1822 CS88 .N6 N679
Nova Scotia Vital Statistics from Newspapers, 1829-1834 CS88 .N6 N682
Nova Scotia Vital Statistics from Newspapers, 1835-1839 CS88 .N6 N683 1984
Vital Statistics from Halifax Newspapers, 1844-1847 CS88 .N6 N685 1984
Vital Statistics from Halifax Newspapers, 1840-43 CS88 .N6 N684 1986
Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867 CS88 .N64 S66 1992
Deaths, Burials and Probate of Nova Scotians, 1800-1850, from Primary Sources CS88 .N69 M372 1999 v.1-4
Marriages in Nova Scotia (excluding Halifax City), 1752-1841 CS88 .N6 L66 2009 v. 1-4
Ontario Register, 1968-1990 CS88 .O5 O57 v.1-8
Ontarian Families: Genealogies of United Empire Loyalists CS88 .O6 C45
Municipal Records in Ontario : history and guide CS88 .O6 D87 2005
Ontario People 1796-1803 CS88 .O6 F58 1993
Townships of the Province of Ontario, Canada : a complete index of the townships in all the counties and districts CS88 .O6 G37 2007
Loyalist families of the Grand River Branch, United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada CS88 .O6 L69 1991
Sacred Ground: Loyalist Cemeteries of Eastern Ontario CS88 .O6 M36 2021
Genealogy in Ontario: Searching the Records CS88 .O6 M47 2002
Pioneer Life on the Bay of Quinte CS88 .O6 P5 1972
Marriage Notices of Ontario CS88 .O6 R44 1980
Surrogate Court Records at the Archives of Ontario CS88 .O6 S55 1984
Early Settlers in Niagra: Including the First Census … CS88 .O6 T39 1992
Ontario Marriage Notices CS88 .O6 W5 1982
Loyalist Children of Upper Canada: A Collection of Names CS88 .O6 W74 2000
The 1838 Census Index of Pictou County, Nova Scotia CS88 .P49 M38 1999
The License Cash Books of the Colonial Secretary of Prince Edward Island 1787-1805, 1812-1813 CS88 .P74 G546 2013
Kings County Cemeteries Prince Edward Island, 1st edition, Index of Monumental (Headstone) Inscriptions CS88 .P74 K56 2011
Early Prince Edward Island Probate Records 1786 to 1850 CS88 .P74 N52 2004
Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Index of Monumental Inscriptions CS88 .P74 P75 1998
Guide des Régistres d'état civil et Recensements du Québec CS88 .Q4 F6 2001
French-Canadian Sources: A Guide for Genealogy CS88 .Q4 F74 2002
Répertoire des Noms de Famille du Québec des Origines a 1825 CS88 .Q4 J48 1988
"Marriages" Register "C" St. John County New Brunswick 1839 - 1847 CS 88 . S24 C873 1989
Early Marriage Records of New Brunswick CS88 .S24 E27 c:2
1838 Census Index of Shelburne and Yarmouth Counties, Nova Scotia CS88 .S54 M38 2002
Sunbury County, NB: Marriages 1766-1888 CS88 .S86 S49 v.1
Marriage Register, Westmorland County, NB 1790-1856 CS88 .W48 K3 1986
Wilmot Township Book CS88 .W55 B87 2002
Yarmouth Nova Scotia Genealogies: Transcribed from the Yarmouth Herald CS88 .Y37 B76 2011
York County, New Brunswick Marriage Records, 1812-1837 CS88 .Y67 H395 1994
York County, New Brunswick, Marriage Register B, 1837-1850 CS88 .Y67 S48 2000
George Botsford 1870-1891 CS90 .B672 R39 2009
Young Emigrants and Craigs of the Magaguadivic CS90 .C76 2005
Frances Clopper 1827-1924 CS90 .C6252 R39 1997
Westchester Embree Loyalists:  A Genealogy of Joseph Embree 1760-1828 CS90 .E532 2010
The Loyalist Cornelius Gee with the King's American Regiment

CS90 .G43 2000 c: 2

The Descendants of Daniel and Elizabeth (Disbrow) Keith CS90 .K43 1981
The Descendents of William McNeil of Nashwaak Village New Brunswick Canada CS 90 .M4252 2000
The Gulf Coast Loyalist : Leonard Wisner of Pensacola, Florida, and Prince Edward Island, and his descendants CS90 .W595 2005
Tracing Your Ancestors in the Nathional Archives: The Website and Beyond CS 410 .7 .C69 2006
The Family Records Centre : a user's guide CS415 .C645 2002
Tracing Your Army Ancestors CS432 .64 F685 2006
British Army Pensioners Abroad, 1772 – 1899 CS432 .S64 C76 1995
American Given Names: Their Origin and History in the Context of the English Language CS2375 U6 S74 1986

History: General and Old World

Great Britain

A Dictionary of Battles 1715-1815 D25 .A2 C34 1978 v. 2
Guides to Sources for British History 5: Private Papers of British colonial Governors 1782-1900 DA16 .P75 1986
English/British Naval History to 1815: A Guide to the Literature DA70 .R374 2004
Guide to the Naval Papers of Sir Andrew Snape Hammond and Sir Graham Eden Hammond DA520 .H63*
Catalogue of Amherst MSS DA566.9 .A458 H84 c:1&2*

History: America

Indians. Indians of North America

Records of the Federal Department of Indian Affairs Records at the National Archives of Canada E78 .C2 R87 1998
Indian Affairs Papers, American Revolution E99 .I7 I38

United States (General)

The Origin of Certain Place Names in the United States E155 .G19 1905
Loyalist imprints printed in America, 1774-1785 E172.921 .M81 L8 1974
Guide to the Materials in London Archives for the History of the United States since 1783 E173 .P38

Elements in the Population

Naturalizations of Foreign Protestants in the American and West Indian Colonies Pursuant to Statue 13 E184 .A1 G52 1964
British Aliens in the United States during the War of 1812 E184 .B7 S37
Even More Palantine Families Volumes 1 – 3 E184 .P3 J65 2002

Colonial History

Early American Orderly Books 1748 – 1817: Reel Guide and Subject Index to the Microfilm Collection E181 .E37 Index
Even More Palantine Families Volumes 1 – 3 E184 .P3 J65 2002
Guide to the Manuscript Materials for the History of the United States to 1783, in the British Museum, in London Archives, and in the Libraries of Oxford and Cambridge E188 .A52
Guide to the Materials for American History, to 1783, in the Public Records Office of Great Britain: The State Papers E188 .A52 v.1
Guide to the Materials for American History, to 1783, in the Public Records Office of Great Britain: Department & Miscellaneous Papers E188 .A52 v.2
Connecticut Soldiers in the French and Indian War E199 .A62 1997


Documents of the American Revolution 1779-1783 E203 .G68 1972 v. 10-21
Records of the Revolutionary War E203 .S13 1969
Papers of Lord George Germain: A Brief Description of the Stopford-Sackville papers Now in the William L. Clements Library E203 .S117 1928
Naval Officers of the American Revolution: A Concise Biographical Dictionary E206 .C33 1988
The American Revolution 1775-1783: an encyclopedia E208 .A433 1993
Revolutionary America A Bibliography 1763-1789 E 208 .G462 v. 1-2
Documents Relating to the American Revolution 1775-1783 E208 .D62
Manuscript Maps relating to North America and the West Indies: The Revolutionary Era Part 1 E208 .G73 pt.1
Manuscript Maps relating to North America and the West Indies: The Revolutionary Era Part 2 E208 .G73 pt.2
Guide to the Sol Feinstone Collection of the David Library of the American Revolution E208 .G84 1994
A Supplement to the Sol Feinstine Collection of the American Revolution: Guide to the Microfilm Edition Rolls 1-3 E208 .H64 1969
A Supplement to the Sol Feinstine Collection of the American Revolution: Guide to the Microfilm Edition Rolls 4-5 E208 .H64 1969
The American Revolution E208 .S59
Manuscript Sources in the Library of Congress for Research on the American Revolution E208 .U55 1975
The American Controversy: A Bibliographical Study of the British Pamphlets About the American Disputes 1764–1777 E209 .A32 v.1
The American Controversy: A Bibliographical Study of the British Pamphlets About the American Disputes 1778–1783 E209 .A32 v.2
British Pamphlets Relating to the American Revolution 1764 – 1783 E209 .B74 1982
People and Events of the American Revolution E209 .D86
American Revolution in Context: Printed Guide to the Microform Collection E210 .A43
Minutes of the Albany Committee of Correspondence, 1775-1778 E216 .A33 1923 v. 1-2
Index to monetary claims by American Loyalists: a new index to Audit office 13 E277 .A583 2021
Battle Maps and Charts of the American Revolution E230 .C322 1974b
South Carolina and the American Revolution : a battlefield history E230.5 .S6 G67 2007
Roster of the Loyalists in the Battle of Kings Mountain E241 .K5 M68 1998
Roster of the Loyalists at the Battle of Moores Creek Bridge E241 .M8 M67 1992
Summer Soldiers: A Survey & Index of Revolutionary War Courts-Martial E255 .N5 1986
Encyclopedia of Continental Army Units E259 .B47
Minutes of the Provincial Congress and the Council of Safety of the State of New Jersey E263 .N5 N54 1879
Official Registrar of the Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War E263 .N5 N55 1967
New York in the American Revolution, a Bibliography E263 .N6 K53 1974*
The Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut E263 .N6 M4 1872*
A Guide to the Revolutionary War Manuscripts in the New York State Library E263 .N6 N49 1976
Documents and Letters Intended to Illustrate the Revolutionary Incidents of Queens County, With Connecting Narratives, Explanatory Notes, and Additions E263 .N6 O53 1970
New York in the Revolution as Colony and State E263 .N6 R59 1996
New York's Forts in the Revolution E263 .N6 R6
A Chronicle of North Carolina During the American Revolution, 1763-1789 E263 .N8 C74 1997
New York in the American Revolution. A Bibliography E263 .N6 K53 1974
The Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut E263 .N6 M4 1872
Revolutionary Incidents of Suffolk and Kings Counties; with an Account of the Battle of Long Island and the British Prisons and Prison-Ships at New York E263 .P4 P37 1979
The Loyalists in the Siege of Fort Ninety Six E263 .S7 M6 1999
Nothing but Blood and Slaughter: Military Operations and Order of Battle of the Revolutionary War in the Carolinas E263 .S7 O44 2004
Records of Pennsylvania's Revolutionary Governments 1775-1790 (Record Group 27) E267 .C675*
The Cornwallis Papers: Abstracts of America E267 .C675*
Report on American Manuscripts in the Royal Institution of Great Britain E267 .G782 v.1-4*
Orderly Book Collection: King's American Regiment, Dec 1776-Nov 1777 E267 .G7835 1986
King George's Army, 1775-1783 E267 .K37 1973b
Journals of Lieutenant Col. Stephen Kemble, 1773-1789 E267 .K44 1972
Guide to the microfilm of the records of Pennsylvania's revolutionary governments, 1775-1790 (record group 27) in the Pennsylvania State Archives, 54 rolls : a microfilm project E263 .P4 P37 1979
The Loyalists in the Siege of Fort Ninety Six E263 .S7 M6 1999
Manuscript Sources: British West Indies E263 .W5 197
General Sir William Howe's Orderly book at Charlestown, Boston and Halifax, June 17, 1775 to 1776, 26 May; to which is added the official abridgment of General Howe's correspondence with the English Government during the siege of Boston, and some military returns ... with an historical introd. by Edward Everett Hale. E267 .H85 1970*
British Light Infantry in the American Revolution E267 .M33 2021
Waldeck Soldiers of the American Revolutionary War E268 .B88
German Troops in the American Revolution (1):  Hessen-Cassel E268 .L66 2021
Guide to the Hessian Documents of the American Revolution E268 .M54 1989
Brunswick Troops in North America, 1776-1793: index… E268 .R48 1990
History of the Brunswick Light Infantry Battalion “von Barner” in North America 1776 – 1783 E268 .R48 1994 c:2
African-American Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution E269 .N3 M66 2005
Navies in the American Revolution: A bibliography E271 .S64
An Inventory of the Audit Office 12 E277 .A58 2011
American Loyalist Claims E277. A59 2011*
The Loyalist Experience : New York, 1763-1789 E277 .A83 1973
A Bibliography of Loyalist Source Material in the United States, Canada and Great Britain E277 .B52 c:2
The Black Loyalist Directory E277 .B57 1996
The King's Friends E277 .B82 1965 c:3
New Hampshire Loyalist Gov. John Wentworth 1737-1830: Last Royal Governor of New Hampshire E277 .B878 2004
Research Guide to Loyalist Ancestors E277 .B88 1990
Research Guide to Loyalist Ancestors E277 .B88 2000
New Hampshire Loyalists E277 .B878 2004
American Loyalist Troops 1775-84 E277.C47 2008
The Royal Commission on the Losses and Services of American Loyalists, 1783-1785 E277 .C6 1971
American Migrations, 1765-1799 E277 .C623 2000*
American Loyalist Claims E277 .C624 v.1
Index to Series I of American Loyalist Claims E277 .C6243 D89 1985
Index to Series II of American Loyalist Claims E277 .C6243 D895 1986
Military Loyalists of the American Revolution : officers and regiments, 1775-1783 E277 .D67 2011
Ambitious Marylander: Caleb Jones and the American Revolution E277 .H376 2001 c:2
Exuma, the Loyalist Years, 1783-1834 E277 .J36 1988
The Loyalists of New Jersey E277 .J78 1972
Divided Hearts, Massachusetts Loyalists, 1765-1790 E277 .M2
Moving on : Black loyalists in the Afro-Atlantic world E277 .M78 1999
New York State Confiscations of Loyalists Includes: Sequestrations, Confiscations and Sale of Estates, State Papers of Vermont E277 .N49
The New Jersey Volunteers in the Revolutionary War E277.6 .N5 S92
Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution E277 .P24 1984
Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution with an Historical Essay E277 .S12 v.1-2
The Loyalists of Massachusetts and the Other Side of the American Revolution E277 .S79 c:2
Connecticut Loyalists E277 .T93
Orderly Book of the Three Battalions of Loyalists Commanded by Brigadier-General Oliver DeLancey 1776-1778… E277.6 .D3 D3 1972
The Royal Commission on the Losses and Services of American Loyalists, 1783-1785 E277 .C6 1971
Scottish Highlanders and the American Revolution E277.6 .H54 L64
The Story of Butler's Rangers and the Settlement of Niagara E277.6 .B9 C9 1975

A Short Service History and Master Roll of James Rogers' 2nd Battalion, King's Rangers

E277.6 .K5 W38 2015
The Papers of Loyalist Samuel Peters E278 .P47 C35 c:2
Confiscated Properties of Philipse Highland Patent Putnum County New York 1780-1785 E278 . P55 R83 2012
A Guide to 18th Century Military Medicine in Colonial America E283 .M55 2016*

War of 1812

Canadian Veterans of the War of 1812 E359.85 .C36 1981
Taken and Destroyed: The War of 1812 Losses Claims, London and Western Districts, Upper Canada E364.9 .S76 2011


Blacks Who Stole Themselves: Advertisements for Runaways… E443 .B525 1989
"Prentends to Be Free":  Runaway Slave Advertisements in Colonial and Revolutionary  New York and New Jersey E 445 .N56 P74

United States Local History

New England Historical and Genealogical Register: index of persons... F1 .N56 Index
New England Family Histories and Genealogies. Miscellaneous New England States F3 .H34 2000
Maine Probate Abstracts F18 .F767 1991
New England Family Histories. States of Maine and Rhode Island F18 .H34 2000
The Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire, 1623 to 1660 F18 .P82 1973
Index to Genealogies in New Hampshire Town Histories F33 .C67 2000
New England Family and Genealogies: State of Massachusetts F63 .H34 2002 v.1 & 2
The Massachusetts Tax Valuation Lists of 1771 F63 .P838
A Report of the Record Commissioners of the City of Boston : containing the Boston town records, 1770 to 1777. F73.4 .B747 1887
Census of the Inhabitants of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations 1774 F78 .A59 1984
Rhode Island Roots: Gleanings from Rhode Island Town Records: Providence Town Council Records, 1770-1788 F78 .M37 2006
Rhode Island Roots: 1975-2004 F78 .R25 2007
Gleanings from Newport Court Files 1659-1783 F89 .N5 F57
Index to Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin F91 .C67 v.1/30 1934/35
Rolls and Lists of Connecticut Men in the Revolution, 1775-1783 F91 .C7 vol.8 1995
Index to the Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin, Volumes 46-50 F91 .C97 Index v. 46/50 1981/85
Early Connecticut Marriages: Ancient Church Records Prior to 1800 F93 .B16 1982
New England Family Histories State of Connecticut F93 .H34 2006
The American Genealogist: Index to Subjects in Volumes 1-60 F104 .N6 A6 Index
Articles in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 1983-1995 F110 .N289 Index v. 114/131
The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record F116 .N28a Master Index
Rivington's New York Newspaper: Excerpts from a Loyalist Press, 1773-1783 F116 .N63
The New York Historical Society: Collections 1916 F116 .N63 v. 49
Rivington's New York Newspaper, Excerpts from a Loyalist Press, 1773-1783 F116 .N63 v. 84
NYG&B Newsletter Index to Volumes 1-6 (1990-1995) F116 .N84 Index v.1/6 1990/95
Gazetteer of the State of New York F117 .F75 1995
The Book of Names, Especially Relating to the Early Palatines and the 1st Settlers in the Mohawk Valley F118 .M19 1969
New York Colonial Muster Rolls, 1664-1775 F118 .N57 2000 v.1-2
New York Marriages Previous to 1784 F118 .N485
The Disposition of Loyalist Estates in the Southern District of the State of New York F123 .Y682 1967
The Twilight of British Rule in Revolutionary America: The New York Letter Book of General James Robertson, 1780-1783 F123.8 .T95 1983
The Minute Book of the Committee of Safety of Tryon County: The Old New York Frontier F127 .M8 T8 1905
Abstracts of the Land Records of Westchester County, New York 1774-1801: Including Tax Lists for 1779 F127 .W5 B866 2019*
Index to Scharf's History of Westchester County F127 .W5 S334 1988
Westchester Historian: Quarterly of the Westchester County Historical Society F127 .W5 W43 Index v.1- 65 1925 – 1989
Westchester Historian: Quarterly of the Westchester County Historical Society F127 .W5 W43 Index v. 66 – 78 1990 - 2002
Research in New York City, Long Island, and Westchester County F128.25 .D44 2013
Abstracts of the Land Records of Westchester County, New York 1774-1801: Including Tax List for 1779 F127 .W5 B866 2019
Inhabitants of New York, 1774 – 1776 F128.25 .W55 1993
The Palatine Families of New York, 1710 F130 .P2 J66 1985 v.1-2
West Jersey, New Jersey Deed Records, 1721-1776 F133 .D38 2016
Abstracts of the Council of Safety Minutes, State of New Jersey, 1777-1778 F133 .H88 2005
East New Jersey Land Records, 1766-1772 (Books D3, E3, and F3) F133 .H8945 2019
East New Jersey Land Records, 1772-1791 (Books G3 and H3) F133 .H8946 2019
New Jersey Marriage Records 1665-1800 F133 .N42 1967
Revolutionary Census of New Jersey F133 .S77
Selections From the Correspondence of the Executive of New Jersey, From 1776 to 1786 (1848) F138 .N54 1848
Bergen County, New Jersey Deed Records, 1689-1801 F142 .B4 D38 1995
Burlington County, New Jersey Deed Abstracts, Books A, B, and C F142 .B9 H83 2000
The American Revolution in Monmouth County, New Jersey: An Annotated Bibliography F142 .M7 A44 1996
The Early Germans of New Jersey: Their History, Churches and Genealogies F145 .G3 C4 1969
Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1790 F148 .P45 1979
Warrants and Surveys of the Province of Pennsylvania including the Three Lower Counties 1759 F152 .W45 1975
Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the Thomas Penn Papers F152.2 .W34 c.1 & 2
Abstracts of Chancery Court Records of Maryland, 1669-1782 F180 .H66 2008
Frederick County, Maryland, Land Records Abstracts, 1778-1784 F187 .F8 A538 2020
Colonial Soldiers of the South, 1732-1774 F208 .C58 1983
Early Virginia Marriages F225 .C9
Early Virginia Immigrants F225 .G81
Genealogical Abstracts from 18th-Century Virginia Newspapers F225 .H43 1987
Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, 1623-1800 F225 .N84 1934 v.1, v. 6, v. 7
Virginia Tax Records From the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, and the William and Mary College Quarterly, and Tyler's Quarterly F225 .V887 2000
Virginia Tithables from Burned Record Counties:  Buckingham, Gloucester, Hanover, James City and Stafford Counties F225 .W66 1990
Virginia Colonial Militia, 1651-1776 F229 .C94 1954
Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States, 1790 F230 .A55 1952
Virginia Wills Before 1799 F230 .C62 1952
Williamsburg Wills F230 .C77 1954
Caroline County, Virginia County Surveys, 1729-1762: Proceedings of Committee of Safety, 1774-1776 F232 .C2 C2537 1997
Carolina Families F253 .H43 1994
North Carolina Taxpayers F253 .R37 1984 v.1-2
Records of Emigrants from England and Scotland to North Carolina, 1774-1775 F253 .R43 2007
Colonial Records of North Carolina:  Records of the Executive Council, 1755-1775 F257 .N67 1994
North Carolina Land Confiscation Records, 3 volumes F258 .D86 2010
South Carolina Deed Abstracts F268 .H644 1993 v. 1-4
Marriage Notices in the South-Carolina and American General Gazette from May 30, 1766 to February 28, 1781… F268 .S175 1976
A Compilation of the Original Lists of Protestant Immigrants to South Carolina, 1763-1773 F272 .R49 1968
The Colonial Records of the State of Georgia: Original Papers of Governor John Reynolds, 1754-1756 F281 .C71 v.27
The Colonial Records of the State of Georgia: Original Papers of Governors Reynolds, Ellis, Wright and others, 1757 – 1763 F281 .C71 v.28 pt. 1
An Index to Georgia Colonial Conveyances and Confiscated Land Records, 1750 – 1804 F285 .I5 1981
Colonial Georgia Marriage Records from 1760-1810 F285 .I55 1985
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Social Sciences

Economic Theory. Demography

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Public Finance

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Community, Classes, Races

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Constitutional History

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Political Science

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Fine Arts

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Language and Literature

Journalism. The Periodical Press, etc.

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Military Science

Military Science (General)

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Library Science


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