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2022 - TWENTY NEW BIOGRAPHIES from St. John County and Kings County.

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New Brunswick Loyalist Journeys

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Journals of the Assembly of Jamaica: 1664-1826: Indexes for volumes 7-12 and detailed contents for volume 7 (Feb. 26-June 12, 1782) and volume 9 (Nov. 27-Dec. 18, 1795) (available via the catalogue record).

Material Relating to the West Indies from the Senhouse Papers: 1762-1831: Transcription of  Joseph Senhouse's "Memoirs of Dominica," 1772 (available via the catalogue record).

Nova Scotia. Legislative Council. Petitions, Reports, Resolutions, and Miscellaneious Papers: 1760-1841. Catalogues or listing of papers for volumes 286-288 (1760 Dec.-1816 Feb.) and (available via the catalogue record).

Original Correspondence: West Indies (CO 318): 1699-1830: Document list for volumes 3, 31, 32, 76, and 83 (available via the catalogue record).

Original Correspondence: Jamaica (CO 137): 1781-1784:  Document lists for volumes 81-2 and 84  (available via the catalogue record).

Vassall, William. Letter Books: 1769-1800. Summary of letters for 1790-1792 April 3 (available via the catalogue record).

Collaborative Courses

Read about our collaboration with the University of New Brunswick's Department of History on the teaching blog of the Canadian Historical Association: Using The Loyalist Collection in the Classroom:  Integrating Professional Skill Development in History Courses.

History 4326: Revolutionary & Loyalist Era Medicine with Prof. Wendy Churchill
Explore the social, cultural, and geo-political dimensions of medicine throughout the British Atlantic World between the 1760s and the 1830s—a time of imperial expansion, revolutionary fervor, and intense warfare. Investigate the experiences of patients and practitioners across multiple locations, including the British Isles, North America, the Caribbean, and Africa. Conduct research in The Loyalist Collection at the Harriet Irving Library, gain experience reading original handwritten sources, and learn how to write a blog assignment on a document!

HIST 4326


2022 May 26-29. “Eye on the Heart of the Continent," United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada Conference, Manitoba Branch (virtual).

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