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New Subject Guide: British West Indies

This guide provides a sample of the wide variety of materials in The Loyalist Collection relating to the the islands making up the West Indies, today referred to as the Caribbean, and specifically the British island colonies, with an overview of what they contain and how to search them. The material provides a window into this region during the 18th and early 19th centuries, and its place in the wider British Atlantic World.

British West Indies


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2022 - TWENTY NEW BIOGRAPHIES from St. John County and Kings County.

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June 1-4, 2023. “Where the Sea Meets the Sky," United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada Conference, Richmond, BC .

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New Research Aids


A PDF transcription of David R. Facey-Crowther’s "The New Brunswick Militia Commissioned Officers' Lists (1787-1867)" is available in catalogue records associated with the New Brunswick Militia. PDF icon NEW BRUNSWICK MILITIA COMMISSIONED OFFICERS LISTS 1787-1867.pdf

New Brunswick. Court of the General Sessions of the Peace.  Marriage Register: 1789-1839. Finding aid indexing names, dates, location, and page reference of all marriage records.

America. Massachusetts. Office of Secretary of State. Massachusetts Archives Collection: 1603-1789. Added volumes pertaining to Indigenous affairs with digital documents lists available.

Amherst, Jeffery. Official Papers and Correspondence: 1740-1783. Digital document lists and index, and link to online edition available.

Chalmers, George. Letters: 1728-1818. Digital document lists and transcription available for some sections.

Great Britain. Church of England. Dioces of London. Bishop. Fulham Papers at Lambeth Palace Library: 1626-1822. Link to online calendar with document summaries available.

Great Britain. Treasury. Treasury Board Papers: Unregistered Papers (T 1/624-625): 1785. Digital document lists available.

Henry E. Huntington Library.  Collection: 1776-1781. Transcription of the Committee of Safety Minute Book, Duchess, County, New York, December 1777-April 1778.

Hewitt, William. Papers: 1756--1790. Digital document summaries available for certain section.

Pitt, William. Papers of William Pitt the younger: 1774-1806. Digital document summaries available for certain section.


Journals of the Assembly of Jamaica: 1664-1826: Indexes for volumes 7-12 and detailed contents for volume 7 (Feb. 26-June 12, 1782) and volume 9 (Nov. 27-Dec. 18, 1795) (available via the catalogue record).

Material Relating to the West Indies from the Senhouse Papers: 1762-1831: Transcription of  Joseph Senhouse's "Memoirs of Dominica," 1772 (available via the catalogue record).

Nova Scotia. Legislative Council. Petitions, Reports, Resolutions, and Miscellaneious Papers: 1760-1841. Catalogues or listing of papers for volumes 286-288 (1760 Dec.-1816 Feb.) and (available via the catalogue record).

Original Correspondence: West Indies (CO 318): 1699-1830: Document list for volumes 3, 31, 32, 76, and 83 (available via the catalogue record).

Original Correspondence: Jamaica (CO 137): 1781-1784:  Document lists for volumes 81-2 and 84  (available via the catalogue record).

Vassall, William. Letter Books: 1769-1800. Summary of letters for 1790-1792 April 3 (available via the catalogue record).