Collection: 1729-1888

Call Number: HIL-MICL FC LFR. M384M5C6
Category: Family
Creator: McGrigor-Miller
Description: 9 microfilm reels textual records (18 volumes) ; 35 mm.
            Jacob Miller (1742-31 May 1825) may have been the brother to Garret (born 1738) and Peter Miller, whose ancestors migrated from the Palatine region of Germany over to England and then settled in Ireland.  All three men were apparently loyalists during the American Revolution.  Jacob appears to have been a successful businessman at New York City before the war. He was married to Elizabeth Bentley (1747-1817) and would eventually have six children, many of whom would have been born in New York – son Garret (1770-1840), daughters Abigail (died 1834), Ann (1774- 28 May 1859), Elizabeth (died 29 May 1857), Margaret (died 26 Feb. 1864), and Mary (died 1833).  Jacob arrived in Halifax in the 1780s as a loyalist. He purchased land and built a wharf at the foot of Morris Street, and by the four corners formed by the intersection of Morris and Water Streets, built four houses—one which was the family home.  He traded with the West Indies, engaging especially in exporting lumber, and also furnished supplies for the military.  

Jacob associated with a Lutheran church known as the Little Dutch Church (later succeeded by the present St. George’s on Brunswick Street), then transferred to the more convenient St. Paul’s Church where he was later buried. In the same plot lies his wife Elizabeth and some of his daughters; his other daughters are found in Camphill Cemetery. His son Garrett was a successful merchant and during the War of 1812 was appointed prize commissioner.  He married Catherine Pernette who was the daughter of Colonel Joseph Pernette of La Have, formerly in the military service of Germany, later a colonel of France and finally made a British subject.  Garret kept up his business and real estate interests in Halifax, but made extensive purchases in the La Have area. He was instrumental in the erection of an Episcopalian Church on his estate, and was elected and sat in provincial parliament for Lunenburg County from 1837-1841.
            Volumes 584 to 601 and 603 of this collection mainly pertain to the business affairs of American loyalist and merchant, Jacob Miller, and his inter-generational family at Halifax and Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, including Bridgewater, particularly his son Garret, merchant, and his grandsons (the children of Garret), Garret Trafalgar Nelson (1805-1897), Jacob Pernette (1803-1881), and Joseph Pernette (1808-1889). These papers consist of family and business correspondence, legal papers relating to property, business accounts, receipts, etc., papers related to shipping and lumbering, and estate papers. Main subject matters not already mentioned would include Nova Scotia government and public officials, personal financial affairs, German Palatines, loyalists, and merchants and trade.

Arrangement and Detailed Contents:

Vol. 584
4. Mrs. Michael Pernette Letters, 1833-1845 (Partial)
5. Zouberbuhler Papers, 1757-1778
6. Various Pernette Letters, 1771-1805

Vol. 585
1. Documents in German, 1729-1770
2. Erad Papers, 1753-1763
3. Deeds and other land papers, 1763-1828
4. Business paper, Pernette’s, 1766-1817
5. Miscellaneous, 1752-1827
6. Estate of Joseph Pernette, 1806-1838

Vol. 586 
1. Bills and accounts, 1792-1815. Jacob Miller and Son, Garrett Miller. Partnership broke up in 1809; after that date papers are of Jacob Miller alone. Copy of genealogical chart included. (Reel no.1 includes the years 1792-1801)

Vol. 586 continued
1. Bills and accounts, 1792-1815. Jacob Miller and Son, Garrett Miller. Partnership broke up in 1809, after that date papers are of Jacob Miller alone. Copy of genealogical chart included. (Reel no.2 includes the years 1801-1815)

Vol. 587
1. Bills and Accounts, 1816-1818
2. Orders to pay, 1798-1822
3. Notes, 1794-1825
4. Receipts, 1786-1824
5. Business correspondence, 1791-1804
6. Business correspondence, 1805-1807
7. Business correspondence, 1808-1825
8. Bills and accounts, 1819-1824, undated.

Vol. 588 
1. Cargo, 1799-1816
2. Other papers related to shipping, 1795-1810
3. Lumber surveys, 1792-1811

Vol. 588 continued
4. Papers relating to sale of lumber, 1793-1825
5. Papers relating to sale of lumber, 1793-1825
6. Lumbering surveys, 1802-1809

Vol. 589
1. Account Book
2. Other business papers, 1792-1807
3. Miscellaneous
4. Jacob Miller Estate and Funeral
5. Personal text and account book
6. Other business papers, 1802-1822, undated

Vol. 590
1. Account book, Jacob Miller and Son, 1796-1797 (Written as “James Miller and Son, 1796-1797”)

Vol. 591:Correspondence of Garrett Miller to his wife Catherine 
1. Not dated
2. 1817-1819
3. 1820-1826
4. 1827-1840

Vol. 592: Correspondence of Garrett Miller to his son Joseph; business and family matters 
1. Undated
2. 1826-1827

Vol. 592 continued
2.1827-1828 (continued) 
3. 1829-1835
4. 1836-1840

Vol. 593: Garrett Miller Correspondence
1. To Garrett T.N. Miller, 1828-1839
2. To Jacob Miller, 1821-1832
3. To Lucy Pernette, 1813-1819
4. To others, 1799-1840
5. Letters to Garrett Miller, 1800-1840
6. Catherine Pernette Miller, 1803-1840 (several documents with no years listed)

Vol. 593 continued
6. Catherine Pernette Miller, undated (continued)

Vol. 594
1. Accounts undated, 1799-1800
2. Accounts, 1811-1812
3. Accounts and bills, 1813-1814

Vol. 595 
1. Accounts, 1815-1816
2. Accounts, 1817-1818
3. Accounts, 1819-1822

Vol. 595 continued 
4. Accounts, 1823-1829

Vol. 596
1. Accounts, 1830-1834
2. Accounts, 1835-1840
3. Papers concerning John Stevens, of Chester, and his estate
4.  Papers concerning John Stevens, of Chester, and his estate

Vol. 597: Garrett Miller
1. Business correspondence, undated, 1799-1805
2. Business correspondence, 1806-1811
3. Business correspondence, 1812- January1814 

Vol. 597 continued
3. Business correspondence, January – December 1814 (continued)

Vol. 598:  Garrett Miller
1. Business correspondence, 1815-1816
2. Business correspondence, 1817-1819
3. Business correspondence, 1820-1823
4. Business correspondence, 1824-1829

Vol. 599 
1. Business correspondence, 1830-1840
2. General business, undated
3. General business, 1798-1810
4. General business, 1811-1812 (Dates vary; 1821, 1830)

Vol. 599 continued
4. General business, February 1812-1815 (continued)

Vol. 600: Garrett Miller
1. Checks and drafts, 1798-1837
2. Notes, 1801-1840
3. Receipts, 1800-1840
4. Moody and Stewart accounts, 1813-1817
5. Garret Miller and John Pernette papers, 1794-1830
6. Schooner Trafalgar Nelson, 1811-1812 (owner Garret Miller)- financial documents
7. Brig Maria, 1816

Vol. 601:Garrett Miller 
1. General business, 1816-1818
2. General business, 1819-1840
3. Thomas Marvin Papers, 10 June 1810 - 4 May 1811 (mariner, Captain of schooner “Lively”, bills of exchange, money matters)
4. John Albro papers, 24 April 1812-1813, 1820 - February 1830 (Accounts with Garret Miller, letters regarding overdue accounts)
5. Michael Hirtle papers, 1830-1859 (of LaHave, farmer; property papers, deeds, bargain of sale; accounts with Garret Miller, 1832-1839)
6. James Kirby papers, September 1811- 1835 (accounts with Garret Miller, letters regarding overdue accounts)

Vol. 602
Not Filmed

Vol. 603:Garrett Miller 
1. Business papers-Halifax property, 1830-1840
2. Estate (Halifax property), 1840-1903
3. Estate (Halifax) rates and assessments, 1840-1880
4. Lawsuit of Augusta Mack, 1864- 1888

Originals: The original records are held by the Nova Scotia Archives.
Archival Ref. No.: NSA (formerly PANS) MG 1, volumes 584-601, 603.
Finding Aids:

The Microfilm Shelf List is available to correspond the volume and microfilm reel numbers; see Electronic Finding Aid section.

Electronic Finding Aid Record: Microfilm Shelf List.pdf

The book The Romance of the Palatine Millers, A Tale of Palatine Irish-Americans and United Empire Loyalists by W. Bowman Tucker was used as a source for much of the background information and is available electronically from ExLibrisRosetta.

Alternate titles: This collection also appears in the Nova Scotia Archives online catalogue as the Miller Family Fonds 1676-1944, predominant 1804-1889, MG 1 volumes 582-695. Both titles appear to be in use; the title found on the microfilm was used for this record.

The Loyalist Collection only holds a portion of this collection.

Part Of: Miller Family Fonds 1676-1944, predominant 1804-1889, MG 1 volumes 582-695
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