Census Returns and Poll Tax : 1783-1794.

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Category: Nova Scotia
Creator: Nova Scotia. Census Records.
Description: 1 microfilm textual records () ; 35 mm
            In 1772 the first direct general provincial tax was levied on land.  In 1791 a Capitation Tax was levied on all males depending on their occupation and ranging from one to ten shillings per year.  The Capitation Tax was repealed in 1796.             
            Included on this reel of microfilm are both Census Returns and Poll Tax records.  There is a significant amount of census material beginning with the returns of 1787 for the following Townships and Harbours in Queens County:   Liverpool; Port Mutton (Mouton); Great Port Jolly (Joli); Port Hebear (Hebert); Jones Harbour in Hebron; Savel River in Hebron; and Ragged Islands in Hebron.  A return of the number of black people is appended.  The returns are signed by Loyalist Simeon Perkins.  Also included are returns for the number of cattle in both Queens and Lunenburg Counties.

The second major return is a census of the inhabitants of Cumberland County dated 17 May 1787. Districts within this County include: Amherst, including Fort Lawrence; Francklin Manor, Macan (Maccan) and Napan (Nappan); Faningsborough; Westchester, including River Philip; Acadians settled on Francklin Manor; Elyzian Fields, Macan and Napan. For each census return, the name of the head of the household is given, along with the number of men, women and children in the household.

The third major census is a list of men above 21 years of age in the Township of Cumberland, and the New Settlement on the road leading from Cumberland to London Derry, 30 August 1785. They are termed Refugees in the description at the end of the document.

A fourth significant document is, A Roll of Inhabitants of Pictou or [Tinmouth] Capable to Bear Arms. Halifax, 12 February 1783. This document is followed by a return of black cattle and sheep for the settlements of Pictou and Marrigonnsh (Merrigomish).

Following the census portions of the microfilm, there are capitation tax returns for each year from 1791 to 1794, inclusive, for the Township of Shelburne. Information given includes the names of those taxed, their occupation and the amount of the tax. In a few lists, details of livestock owned and sources of additional income are given.

Originals: The original records are held by the Public Archives of Nova Scotia.
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            PANS   RG 1, vol. 443.            
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