Colonial Records of North Carolina; 1662-1790.

Call Number: HIL-MICL FC LPR.A4P8C6N7
Category: United States
Creator: America. Public Records.
Description: 15 microfilm textual records (3 titles) ; 35 mm
            Research Publications has assembled and microfilmed the most important published colonial and state records of the original Thirteen Colonies, Maine, and Vermont. The series is comprised of sixty-seven titles which span the years from the earliest available records for each colony until approximately 1800.            
            Online:  An electronic edition of this material is available; see Finding Aid section.

The Colonial Records of North Carolina have been microfilmed on fifteen reels and contain thirty volumes of material. 

CR 43. State Records of North Carolina. 1777-1790.  20 vols.  Volumes 1-10 are found in CR 44.  Volume 11, 1776. Includes: Supplement to Volumes 1-10, 1730-1776. These papers were obtained after the publication of the 10 volumes in CR 44. Includes prefatory notes and maps. Volume 12, 1777-1778;  Volume 13, 1778-1779; Volume 14, 1779-1780;  Volume 15, 1780-1781; Volume 16, 1782-1783;  Volume 17, 1781-1785; Volume 18, 1786. Includes: Supplement to 1779, and Fragments of House Journal, April-May 1779;  Volume 19, 1782-1784. Includes:  Supplement to 1771-1782;  Volume 20, 1785-1788;  Volume 21, 1788-1790;  Volume 22, Miscellaneous.  Includes: The Narrative of Colonel David Fanning (Loyalist) Written by Himself Detailing Astounding Events in North Carolina from 1775-1783;  Volume 23, Laws of North Carolina, 1715-1776; Volume 24, Laws of North Carolina, 1777-1788;  Volume 25, Laws of North Carolina, 1789-1790.  Includes: Omitted Laws 1669-1783, and Index to Volumes 23, 24, 25; Volume 26, North Carolina Census of 1790 (First Federal Census). The census is arranged by county and includes the names of heads of families. The volume begins with an Index to North Carolina Census of 1790. Each volume of CR 43 contains a prefatory note. 

CR 44. Colonial Records of North Carolina, 1662-1776. 10 vols. Volume 1, 1662-1742;  Volume 2, 1713-1728;  Volume 3, 1728-1734; Volume 4,1734-1752;  Volume 5, 1752-1759; Volume 6, 1759-1765;  Volume 7, 1765-1768; Volume 8, 1769-1771; Volume 9, 1771-1775; Volume 10, 1775-1776. There is a prefatory note at the beginning of each volume. Volumes 2, 5, 7, 8, and 9 have appendices. There are no indexes at the end of individual volumes. 

CR 45. Index to Colonial and State Records of North Carolina Covering Volumes 1 - 25.  4 vols. Volume 27, A - E;  Volume 28, F - L; Volume 29, M - R; Volume 30, S - Z.  At the end of Volume 30 (Volume 4 of the Index) there is an Historical Review of the Colonial and State Records of North Carolina, which ends abruptly on page 167 and is incomplete on the microfilm.            
Archival Ref. No.: CR 43 - CR 45.
Finding Aids:
            A microfilm shelf list which correlates the microfilm reel numbers with the Colonial Record numbers and the volume numbers is available in print with the Loyalist Collection Finding Aids and online (see Electronic Finding Aid section).

Index is available on Reel 15; includes proper names and subjects (see Contents section under subsection CR 45 for more details).

Online:  The University of North Carolina has made available a digital edition, including the Indexes, on the website Documenting the American South.            
Electronic Finding Aid Record: Public Records Colonial Records of North Carolina Shelf List.pdf
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