Papers : 1787-1953 ; predominant 1787-1903.

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Creator: Hubbard Family.
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            William Hubbard (1751-1813) came to New Brunswick as a Loyalist from Stamford, Connecticut, in 1783.  He was a member of a well educated and prosperous family whose descent in North America began with William Hubbard (1594-1670) of Ipswich, Suffolk County, England, who came to Boston, Massachusetts, in 1635 with his wife and six children.  William Hubbard was the son of Dr. Nathaniel Hubbard (1712-1772) and Mary Quintard, whose three sons William, Nathaniel, Isaac, and one daughter Margaret, were all Loyalists.  William Hubbard drew land in Parrtown (Saint John), but did not settle there or on the 540 acres that he drew on the St. John River at Northampton in Carleton County.  As this location was so distant from more settled areas of the colony, he established his home at Burton, Sunbury County.  Here he farmed, practised law, became a member of the first House of Assembly, and served as Registrar of Deeds and Wills, and Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas for Sunbury County. He married Benjamina W. Clarke (1770-1856) with whom he had eight children: six daughters and two sons. He died in 1813 and is buried in Maugerville.

After William Hubbard's death in 1813, his fifteen year old son Nathaniel (1798-1878) took over the management of the family farm in Burton. He held the position of Registrar of Deeds and Wills for fifty years, and was active in local government, road building, and the establishment of St. Paul's Anglican Church in Burton. He married Susannah Maria Louisa Street (1797-1847 with whom he had three children: Abigail Ann, William Woodbridge, and Frederick Ambrose. After the death of his first wife he married Charlotte Hazen (1808-1873). A number of other Loyalist families are connected through marriage with the Hubbard family including: Clarke, Clements, DeVeber, Street, Wilmot, Mowat, Gamble, and Allen.

            The Hubbard family papers are arranged in six series:

Series 1. Correspondence, 1794-1953 ; predominant 1794-1903, contains both the family and business correspondence of William Hubbard and his son Nathaniel Hubbard, with most of it addressed to Nathaniel Hubbard. The correspondence is arranged in two sections, family and business, with a chronological arrangement within each section. The family correspondence (239 items) 1794-1953, is frequently a combination of business dealings and family matters as relatives were often business associates. The business correspondence (377 items) 1796-1898, may also originate with relatives, but the content is primarily related to business matters.

Series 2. Legal Papers, 1787-1912 ; predominant 1787-1880, consists of a variety of legal documents (354 items) 1787-1912, including: deeds, powers of attorney, warrants, bonds, affidavits, and other documents derived largely from the responsibilities of William and Nathaniel Hubbard as Registrars of Deeds and Wills. In addition, this series contains the probate of William Hubbard, and the Inventory of goods and chattels of Nathaniel Hubbard. The legal papers are arranged chronologically.

Series 3. Accounts, 1795-1882, contains a variety of business related items including: receipts, bills, and notes (1983 items) 1795-1882. While most of the business involved is either commercial of quasi-legal, this series contains a farm account book, 1836-1865, with notations regarding workers, the slaughtering of livestock, weather conditions, purchases of farm and household goods, and crop yields. That book is attributed to W. Hubbard. The arrangement is chronological.

Series 4. St. Paul's Anglican Church (Burton) Records, 1857-1929; predominant 1857-1860, documents the planning and construction of St. Paul's Anglican Church (Burton), 1857-1860. The original items were compiled in a scrapbook and include a variety of receipts and statements which reflect the purchase of construction materials such as shingles, lumber, nails, and stained glass, as well as the wages paid to the workers. The series also includes the records of a fund-raising bazaar and organ subscription. Among the documents is A Brief History of the Associated Parishes of Maugerville and Burton written in 1929 by a 'senior church warden' and attributed to Henry Wilmot. The arrangement is chronological.

Series 5. Genealogies, consists of a collection of notes, correspondence, and genealogies in various states of completion, for the Hubbard family as well as for a number of related New Brunswick families including: Alleyne, Calef, Gamble, Mowat, Deveber, Street, Wiggins and Wilmot. In addition to manuscript and typescript documents, the series contains a collection of newspaper clippings related to the same families. The arrangement is alphabetical according to family name, although most of the families were intermarried and the same family names may appear in several files.

Series 6. Miscellaneous, contains a miscellanea of documents as well as an assortment of portions of accounts, legal documents, and envelopes. Of particular interest is a College of New Brunswick diploma granted to G.Thomas Wilmot, 1836, and a certificate of membership in the Loyal Orange Lodge for Nathaniel Hubbard, 1832. Dated material is arranged in chronological order.

Originals: The original records are held by the University of New Brunswick Archives.
Archival Ref. No.: UNB MG H 19
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