Loyalist Settlements, 1783-1789 : New Evidence of Canadian Loyalist Claims.

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Creator: Antliff, W. Bruce.
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            Two separate transcripts of the original evidence, which was recorded by the commissioners hearing Loyalist claims for compensation were made from the original evidence which has been preserved in the Library of Congress. Audit Office 12, which is now held by the Public Record Office in London, is the first transcript, and the evidence was transcribed into official evidence books. Later, Mr. Canniff Haight transcribed the evidence in Washington, and his work was published in the Second Report of the Bureau of Archives for the Province of Ontario, in 1904. With time, several volumes were lost or misplaced.

The publication by W. Bruce Antliff is a reconstruction of the ten transcribed volumes which have been preserved as part of the Audit Office 12 series but were missing from the original evidence in Washington when Mr. Haight made his transcription, and are therefore not included in the Second Report. In addition to this material, and as a separate section entitled, Omissions from the Second Report, Dr. Antliff has included a record of claims which were not transcribed because they were rejected by the commissioners, but are found in the original evidence books in the Library of Congress.
            The evidence books include the name of the claimant and his former place of residence; the date and place of his appearance before the commissioners; the text of the memorial as it was presented to the commissioners, including a detailed account of the person's service, his losses and sufferings;  and supporting documentation from witnesses who knew the claimant.
Originals: The original evidence records are held by the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
The transcribed official evidence books are held by the Public Record Office in London.
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            The volume contains two indexes:  the first is a comparative index of the two transcripts of evidence (Second Report and AO 12), plus the material included in, Loyalist Settlements:  New Evidence of Canadian Loyalist Claims. 

The second index is a nominal index to the text of the claims that are published in, Loyalist Settlements: New Evidence of Canadian Loyalist Claims. Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Culture, 1985.

Two copies of, Loyalist Settlements, 1783-1789: New Evidence on Canadian Loyalist Claims, are shelved with the Loyalist Collection Finding Aids.

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Notes: The Loyalist Collection Inventory entry for Great Britain. AO 12: Claims, American Loyalists, Series I, should be consulted for additional related material.
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