Papers : 1798-1950.

Call Number: HIL-MICL FC LFR .B4F3P4
Category: Family
Creator: Baxter Family.
Description: 1 microfilm textual papers (15 folders) ; 35 mm
            In 1818, George Baxter came to Kingston, Upper Canada, from Dundee, Scotland, and married Grace (ne Bailey) in 1821. He bought 450 acres of land in Pittsburg Township, County of Frontenac, and built a home which became known as, Cataraqui Grange, after the Cataraqui River which runs along the property line.  He was the headmaster of the Royal Grammar School in Kingston until he lost his position after the 1837 Rebellion because his brother-in-law was William Lyon Mackenzie, one of the leaders of the Rebellion.  Eventually, he became the manager of Frontenac Loan. He had six children:  Peter, Mary Ann, Isabelle, William, Jane and James.            
            The reel contains correspondence, legal documents, and business papers of George Baxter and family through several generations, some relating to John Bell and his heirs. Also included are: land records; shares and receipts; insurance and income tax papers; pictures and postcards; newspaper clippings; as well as miscellaneous material. A considerable amount of the material relates to the family farm and home, Cataraqui Grange. There is also an article entitled, The Baxters of Cataraqui Grange, by Isobel Baxter, which explains the connection with the Loyalist, Parlow family, and provides a detailed family history.


Folder 1: Correspondence, 1889-1904. Mainly about Johnston lots, 28 and 29, 2nd concession, Miller.

Folder 2: Correspondence, 1914-1931. Letters from Lionel Baxter from overseas, and letters from native/indigenous missions in northern and western Canada; also letter from William Lyon McKenzie King, November 1948.

Folder 3: Legal Documents, 1798-1821.
  • Grant. 300 acres on the east side of the Great Cataraqui River. Township of Pittsburg, County of Frotenac, to Sir Richard Cartwright, 1793.
  • Indenture. Deed of bargain and sale. John Cannon to Thomas Markland E 1/2 lot 17, concession 2, Township of Kingston, 1810.
  • Indenture. Deed of bargain and sale. William Mitchell to John Grant, lot C. east side of Cataraqui River, 1819.
  • Indenture. John Grant to Neil McLeod, lot C, east side of Cataraqui River, 1820.
  • Indenture. Neil McLeod to Alexander McQueen. Lot C, east side of Cataraqui River, 1820.
  • Marriage certificate. George Baxter and Grace Bailey, 1821.
Folder 4. Legal documents, 1822-1828
  • Mortgage. Alexander McQueen to Philip Wenz, 1822; and Philip Wens to George Baxter, 1827
  • Indenture. Alexander McQueen to Philip Wenz, Lot C. east side of Cataraqui River, 1822.
  • Money owing to John Harkes, 1823.
  • Mortgage. George Baxter to Robert D. Cartwright. Lots 1 and 2, east side of Great Cataraqui, Pittsburg Township, 1827.
  • Contract between Peter Baxter and Alexander Fraser. Concerns timber on lots 1 and 2, east side of Great Cataraqui River, 1827.
  • Indenture. Bargain and sale. Robert D. Cartwright to George Baxter. Lots 1 and 2, east side of Great Cataraqui River, Pittsburg Township, 1827.
  • Deed. Alexander McQueen to George Baxter. Lot c, east side of Great Cataraqui River, Township of Pittsburg, 1828.
  • Power of attorney by Alexander McQueen in favour of John Harkes, 1828.
Folder 5. Legal Documents, 1856-1882
  • Deed of Bargain and sale. William Forsyth to school trustees, section 2, Pittsburg. Part lot 9, east side of Great Cataraqui River, 1858.
  • Crown sale. South part lot 16, concession 6, Pittsburg to Bernard MacCarey, 1858?
  • Lease. Stephen A. Irons to Alexander Ross. Two-story brick building on Sydenham Street, Kingston, 1861.
  • Lease. Assignees of Stephen A. Irons and Frederick George Swan for Her Majesty's principal secretary of state. Two-story building at the corner of Sydenham and Johnson Streets, 1862. Made over in March,  1862, to George Baxter.
  • Instructions to Executrix from George Baxter, 1866.
  • Lease. George Baxter to Captain Edward McKay, Her Majesty's 49th Regiment of Foot. Brick building on Sydenham and Johnson Streets, 1867.
  • Deed. Part lot 1, east side of Great Cataraqui River. William L. Baxter to Mary Ann Baxter, 1869.
  • Promissory Note. Mary Anne Baxter, M.C. Innis, 1870.
  • Copy of Will. John Bell. 1872.
  • Mortgage. Nelson Bauder to James Downey, 1873.
  • Deed. W.L. Baxter to Catherine Baxter. Lot C, east side of Cataraqui River, 1874.
  • Certificate. Second class certificate. School of Military Instruction, Kingston, john D. Baxter, 1874.
  • Lease. Jane E. Baxter to Joseph W. Power, Sydenham and Johnson Streets, 1879.
  • Release of legacies. Bell boys to Bell girls, 1879; 4 more documents included pertaining to property of Alexander Bell, Catherine Baxter, and John D. Baxter, 1879-1882.
Folder 6. Legal Documents 1886-1949. More details in the finding aid at the start of the microfilm. Folder 7. Shares and Receipts, 1850-1957. Some of the shares are in the City of Kingston Water Works Company, the kingston, Pittsburg, and Gananoque Joint Stock Road Company, and the Cataraqui Bridge Company. Folder 8. Insurance, 1859-1911. Includes Caledonia insurance Co., Edinburgh; North British & Mercantile Insurance - Canada Branch; Liverpool & London Fire and Life Insurance Co.; and Agricultural Mutual Insurance Association of Canada. Folder 9. Income Tax Papers, 1942-1950. Mrs. Nora S. Baxter. Folder 10. Barriefield Church, 1853-1854; subscription list for erecting walol around Barriefield church. Folder 11. Medical Documents, 1824-1833. Refer to John Maitland who graduated in medicine from Glasgow University in 1833. Folder 12. Pictures and Postcards (not included). Folder 13. Newspaper Clippings. Refer in the main to Lieutenant Colonel Lionel Baxter, undated but appear to be from 1939-1950; includes from Hotel News - menus of distinction from Royal York Hotel (Toronto). Folder 14 & 15. Miscellaneous. Includes among other things, a map of George Baxter's farm, 1841.
Originals: The original records are held by Queen's University Archives.
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            The table of contents is microfilmed at the beginning of the reel and also available in print in The Loyalist Collection red binders. Contains a document list for the legal documents section in folder 6.            
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