Loyalist Documents : 1755-1880.

Call Number: HIL-MICL FC LSC .N4M8A7L6
Category: Special Collections
Creator: New Brunswick Museum. Archives.
Description: 7 microfilm textual records () ; 35 mm
            The Collection includes the following sources: 

Reel 1: Colonel Isaac Allen (1741-1806) of Trenton, New Jersey and Fredericton, New Brunswick, commission as Colonel of the Regiment of the York County Militia, 1787; Anderson family of Westchester, New York and Saint John, New Brunswick, appointment, deeds, 1807-1808, 1842; Brill family papers, 1801-1844; Dr. John Caleff (1724-1812), physician at St. Andrews, New Brunswick, letter, 1789; Lieutenant Governor Thomas Carleton (1735-1817), official papers, 1784-1813; Alexander Clark family papers, 1783-1810.

Reel 2: John Coffin (1756-1838), lived at Alwyngton Manor, Kings County, New Brunswick, records, 1797-1830, including commissions as a Lieutenant General in the British Army, 1809, and General, effective 1819; Justus Earle (1749-1826) of Grand Lake, Queens County, New Brunswick, records, 1804-1850, including: Inferior Court of Common Pleas, 1804-1809, arithmetic workbook, household accounts, 1819-1822, weather record, 1849-1850, vestry minutes and marriages, 1805-1809 for the Parish of Waterborough, Queens County, 9 pages, the end includes 2 pages with remedies for cleaning textiles; Reverend Frederick Dibblee (1753-1826) of Connecticut, Kingston and Woodstock, New Brunswick, diary, 1804-1811, 1815-1825; Colonel David Fanning (1755-1825) of North Carolina and New Brunswick, correspondence and one page from his journal, 1775-1808; Flewelling family of Greenwich, Kings County, documents, 1788-1835; Gaunce family of Queens County, deeds and one marriage certificate, 1787, 1813, 1847; DeVeber family of New York and New Brunswick, Colonel Gabriel DeVeber, was High Sheriff of Sunbury County, legal documents, 1784-1820; Crookshank family, correspondence and legal documents, 1786-1831.

Reel 3: Conrad Gunter, Wickham, Queens County, deed, 1792; Captain James Hamilton, a Loyalist Militia Captain in Port Roseway (Shelburne), Nova Scotia, commission, correspondence, notebook (contains a list of passengers but no ship's name), 1773-1794; William Harding (1745-1816), legal documents, correspondence, inventory of the estate of Leonard Reed, 1775, 1909; Elias Hardy (1744-1798), a prominent lawyer in Saint John, correspondence, 1792-1807, 1822; David Higgenbotham, a Corporal in the 31st Regiment of the British Army during the American Revolution, deed, 1784, and legal documents, 1828.

Reel 4: David Higgenbotham, deed, 1784, and legal documents, 1828 (copy 2); Benjamin Kent (1707-1788), lawyer of Halifax, Nova Scotia, personal papers, 1755-1799; Stephen Kent (1749-1829), deeds, 1784-1832; Kings County, land grant to Guilford Studholme, James Hayes, Thomas Harper, John Burgess and William MacLeod, 1784; Kings County, New Brunswick, business records (ledger), 1791-1805.

Reel 5: Colonel Richard Lawrence Sr. (1729-1789), a Loyalist officer from Staten Island, New York, who moved to England and died there in 1789, legal documents, diplomatic correspondence, genealogical information, personal papers, 1765-1840; George Leonard (1742-1826) of Plymouth, Massachusetts and Saint John, New Brunswick, land grant, memorial, legal documents, 1786-1808; Lingley family of Saint John, certificate to Joseph Tingley for a lot, 1784; MacKenzie family, papers, 1772-1812; James McLaughlin, Sunbury County, New Brunswick, memorial for land and an inn lost during the War of Independence, 1783; Munson Hayte/Hoyt, a Loyalist officer from New York who served on the Prince of Wales American Regiment, documents, 1786-1840; Colonel John Murray, Memorandum Book of Debts, 1796; and Mowat family of Penobscot, Maine and St. Andrews, New Brunswick, cash books, 1782-1847, Captain David Mowat (1784-1810) was a sea captain.

Reel 6: Dr. William Paine (1750-1833), physician of Worcester, Massachusetts and Saint John, Passamaquoddy land records, 1784,1835; Elisha Peck and Abiel Peck, Hopewell, Westmorland County, New Brunswick, legal documents, 1788, 1830, 1880; Penobscot Settlement, (Castine) Maine, account book kept by a Loyalist merchant, possibly Robert Pagan, 1782; Peters family of Gagetown, New Brunswick, legal documents, correspondence 1784-1797; Picket family, David Picket (1769-1826) of Kings County, commission as Justice of the Peace, 1794; Saint John Exchange Coffee House, subscription list, 1803-1804; Saint John, two merchants' daybooks, one contains the accounts for the schooner Swift and for the brig Betsy, 1795-1834; Saint John, Register of Voters, 1785-1861, and a Schedule of Real Estate on the Eastern Side of the Harbour . . . of the City of Saint John, 1860; bill of sale for the brig, Good Brig, Hopewell, 1793; receipt for the sale of the Lovely Lass, 1783.

Reel 7: Dr. Nathan Smith and Thomas Smith, Saint John, lot certificates, 1784, and Dr. Smith's ledger, 1796-1807 (includes black persons designated as "negro", doctors, inhabitants within and outside Saint John, and how they paid their debt to the Dr. which can include services; very little detail on the services or products the Dr. performed but inoculation and small pox is mentioned a few times); Ralph Smith, Saint John, certificate for lots, 1784; Phillip Somers, indenture, 1785; Thomas Spragg, Belleisle Bay, Kings County, deed, 1795; George Sproule, Surveyor-General of New Brunswick, personal papers, 1787-1790 (deed for rent of house and land in Fredericton (lots 135-138) from Jared Betts of Fredericton (1787) with details on structure of house, and associated letter (1790); Moses Whitney, memorial to Lieutenant Governor Thomas Carleton for land on the Northwest Branch of the Miramichi River, Northumberland County, 1792; Edward Winslow (1746-1815) of Fredericton, receipt for fuel, 1783, and an affidavit signed by Lieutenant Governor Thomas Carleton stating that Hannah, Winslow’s widow, and Penelope and Sarah Winslow, daughters of Edward Winslow, are residents of New Brunswick, 1794; William and Hannah Wright of Saint John, deeds to Benedict Arnold, 1786, and list of lots granted in New Brunswick.

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