Additional Loyalist Documents I : 1782-1893.

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Category: Special Collections
Creator: New Brunswick Museum. Archives.
Description: 5 microfilm textual records () ; 35 mm
            These documents from the collections at the New Brunswick Museum were acquired due to their relevance to loyalist history and the early years of New Brunswick. 

Arrangement:  The collections are organised alphabetically by title, which is typically by last name of person or place.

Detailed Contents:  The Collection contains the following sources:

Reel 1: Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas, by Reverend E.H. Sumner, notes concerning the Loyalist settlements;  Robert Adair, York County, agreement of sale with David McClure, 1786;  Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, account book of a general merchant, probably Mr. Walker, 1791-1796;  Mary Beck, Saint John, family letter received, 1792;  Philip Bailey, Charlotte County, memo re. estate, c.1786;  Daniel Belding, loyalist seaman and merchant, Chance Harbour, New Brunswick, account book, 1797-1841;  Peter Berton, property papers, 1786, 1788;  and Bliss Family Papers including: Jonathan Bliss, chief justice of New Brunswick from 1790-1819, legal papers and correspondence, and William Blowers Bliss Papers, including correspondence, (1834, 1864,) appointments (1834-1848), and miscellaneous (1832-1893), 1790-1893. 

Reel 2:   John Boggs property papers, 1784-1796;  Camp family papers, contains letters from the Camps in Lincoln, Sunbury County, New Brunswick to family (Buckinghams in Connecticut), 1803-1816, 1833-1853;  Joseph Canby, Saint John lot certificate, 1784; Chaloner family certificates, 1784;  Charlotte County documents, including documents pertaining to James Boyd (deed and note); Ann Berry (deed), John Townsend (deed), Christ Church in Saint Stephen, Col. Wyer's lot, David McGeorge property, Hiram Dow and John Street, Michael Marshall property, 1828-1863;  Chubb family papers, including an indenture of apprenticeship of Henry and two letter to John, 1789, 1801-1802;  Dugal Clark, discharge from 74th Regiment of Foot, 1783;  Richard Clark, certificate of fulfillment of duties as missionary in New Brunswick, 1799;  Garret Clopper, Fredericton, agent for Rogers, Bell & Co., letterbook, 1803-1806;  Company for the Propagation of the Gospel, certificate of appointment of New Brunswick Commissioners, 1808;  Robert William Crookshank records, including accounts for vessels including brig Judith (1796-97), the snow Nelson (1799-1800) and various individuals (1800-1858), as well as disbursements of the brig Fancy (1792-95), 1792-1858;  John Curry, commission as justice of the peace, 1782;  George Davison, Judgement Roll from Queens County Inferior Court of Common Pleas, suit of Davison against John Brown, 1788;  Drake family, papers, including deeds, letters, release of dower for Jane Whitlock, report of Fort Howe Guard, erection of a wharf, 1789-1855;  Durant family  papers, including deeds, and invoices related to estate, 1795-1859;  Elsworth children, letter addressed to James Easton up the River St. John, Musquash Island, from Sarah and Samuel Elsworth of New York, 1799;  "Narrative of Colonel David Fanning," 1775-1783, (index included);  Fowler family, deeds, 1786, 1816;  Matthew Gallant, lease from William Spry, Grand Lake, New Brunswick, 1784;  Humphrey Gilbert deed, 1794; James Gordon, commission as justice of the peace for Saint John County with seal, 1786;  Great Britain. Army. Military Order Book for His Majesty's Forces in New Brunswick, 1800-1813, including the war services of Lieutenant Colonel LeCouteur, 1859.
Reel 3:   Great Britain. Army. Muster Rolls of Captain Nathanial Vernon's Troop and Captain Thomas Miller's Company of the British Legion, 1782;  Phillip Heustis, deed to Lot Strange, 1787;  James Jordan, land certificate, Saint John, 1784;  Knight family, papers, including photographs (tombstones from Pennfield, account books brought from Ablington near Philadelphia to Charlotte County in 1783), deeds (1825-67), correspondence (1750-1971), family genealogy, 1750-1971;  Lee family, papers, 1808-1858;  William Lorrain of Portland, accounts, 1790-1803;  Neal McNeal papers, 1784, 1799;  James Mayes, documents, 1783, 1800, 1822;  Mellick family, papers, 1762-1867;  James Moore family papers, contains correspondence between family in New Brunswick and New York, 1783-1832; Charles Morris, Jr., various land grants surveyed by Morris in St. John, Charlotte, Kings, Queens, Sunbury and York Counties, maps included for some, examples of surnames listed - Allen, Bedell, Brown, Buskirk, Butler, Campbell, Coddington, Conner, Dally, Day, Dawson, DeVeber, Eccles, Finuicane, Gaynor, Garden, Garnet, Glazier, Hackett, Hallet, Handy, Harding, Hawser, Hugh, Jones, Kelly, King, Lips, Livingston, Lodge, and subjects listed- loyalists at Le Tang Harbour and Beaver Harbour, soldiers on the Nashwaak River, public use in Saint John, and loyalists at Passamaquoddy, with map of land to Thomas Synds on Bay of Fundy and map of land on St. John River across from St. Ann's Point (now Fredericton),  1783-1784, (index included).

Reel 4:   William Muir, account book, Annapolis, Digby and Saint John, 1801-1809; John Mullin, certificate of land ownership, 1784;  Hugh Munro, a Gaspe Loyalist involved in trading in the Bay of Chaleur area, letter book, 1797-1820;   Legislative Council Minutes, 1786-1802;  Robert Pagan, St. Andrews, draft dealing with legal jurisdiction of the islands of Charlotte County, c.1814;  passenger lists of loyalists on the ships Woodcock bound for Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, and Union bound for Saint John (poor copy);  David Pickett, commission as Justice of the Peace for Kings County, 1794;  Powell family papers, pertaining to the Buctouche area, includes natives, 1796-1820;  William Puddington, indenture, 1797; and Jeremiah Regan, notebook, 1774-1804, and music book (n.d.).

Reel 5: James Reid, indenture, 1786; St. John County, Poll Book, 1802 (includes index); St. John, General Merchant's Day Book, 1793-1802, also includes Stephen Kemble's account with Ward Chipman, 1796-1833, as well as a list of Colonel Kemble's securities, 1788-1815; Thatcher Sears, papers, 1784, 1793; Jonathan Sewell, indictment against David Barnet, 1770; Shaw family, power of attorney, 1805; David Sickles, bond, 1785; William Speed, deed and petition, 1788; Robert Stackhouse, discharge certificate from the New Jersey Volunteers, 1783; John Stewart, commission as Receiver General and Collector of Rents, 1790; Enoch Supplee, certificate of ownership of lot, 1784; Sussex Academy Papers, much about natives, 1787-1833; Olive Taylor, certificate of ownership, 1784; Peter Thomson, typescript of manumission, permit to operate tavern in Saint John, and writ concerning his debt to John Hideby after the death of both men, Charles McPherson and Phillis Thomson mentioned, 1794-1820; Thorn Family, certificate of ownership of lot, 1784; Clayton Tilton, commission as Captain of a Company of Associate Loyalists in New York, 1781; Jacob VanWart, indenture, 1786; Peter Waltman, letter to Mr. Stricklen concerning land at Magaguadavic, 1807; and account book of John Ward, general merchant, 1785-1794 (includes many prominent Saint John citizens such as Doctors Caleff, John Prince and Nathan Smith; Jeremiah Brundage, Samuel Sharp, Theodorus Valleau, John Buckhout, Gabriel Strang, Paul Bedell and Joseph Dow; and black person Thomas Malaby).

Originals: The original records are held by the New Brunswick Museum Archives.
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