Delancey-Robinson Collection : 1789-1876.

Call Number: HIL-MICL FC LSC .N4N3D4C6
Category: Special Collections
Creator: Library and Archives Canada.
Description: 2 microfilm textual records (4 volumes) ; 35 mm
            The Collection contains sources relating to the history of New Brunswick pertaining to the following subjects: fires in New Brunswick in 1825; military, including orders, returns and letters; natives/indigenous people; wills and estates; education; politics and government, including legislative council records, despatches, resolutions, etc.; banks and financial institutions; John Robinson; land issues, including a survey of the Bay of Fundy; and miscellaneous documents; also includes New Brunswick Agricultural and Emigrant Society, minute book; and Mess Book of the 1st Company, 74th Regiment.


Reel 1 

Volume 1 

New Brunswick Fires of 1825
  • Minutes of the Committee for the Relief of Suggerers of the Fires in October 1825, 1825-1832, page 1
  • List of sufferers, Petitions for relief, Subscriptions, etc., 1825-1828, pp. 2-3>
Military Documents - Order, Returns, Letters, 1825-1853, p. 4 "Indians", 1789-1839, p. 5 Wills and Estates, 1790-1839, p. 6 Education, 1819-1839, p. 7 Volume 2 Political Papers
  • Council Minutes, Despatches, Rebellion of 1837 in Lower Canada, 1807-1876, pp. 8-9
  • Durham-Glenelg Correspondence, 1838, p. 10
  • Political Papers, 1839-1876, p. 11
Banks - Relating to Crown deposits in the banks, 1826, 1837, p. 12 John Robinson - Miscellaneous documents relating to Robinson, 1827-1863, p. 13 Land - Survey of the Bay of Fundy, disputed territory, 1838-1848, p. 14 Miscellaneous, 1813-1855 Volume 3 New Brunswick Agricultural and Emigrant Society Minute Book, 1825-1830 Reel 2 Volume 4 Mess Book of the 1st Company, 74th Regiment, kept by Sergeant Thomas Mullins, 1815-1818
Originals: The original records are held by Library and Archives Canada.
Archival Ref. No.: LAC MG 24, L 6.
Finding Aids:
            The Inventory Description and Table of Contents for volumes 1 and 2, inclusive, have been microfilmed at the beginning of each reel. The Inventory description breaks down each file into individual documents, providing a brief description of each item; this is also available in print in the Loyalist Collection Inventory (red) binders and as a PDF in the electronic finding aid section.
Electronic Finding Aid Record: Inventory-Description-Contents-Shelf-List_Delancey-Robinson_LAC.pdf
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