Hiram Walker Collection : 1764-1958.

Call Number: HIL-MICL FC LSC .O5A7H5C6
Category: Special Collections
Creator: Archives of Ontario.
Description: 207 microfiches () ;
            The Collection includes the following sources:

John Askin, personal papers, 1782-1801; Baby family, papers & records, 1777-1870; Edmund Baby Sr., will and certificate of probate, 1879; William Baker, business records, 1795; Henry Beauchamp, papers, 1809, 1810; Colchester Agricultural Club, Secretary's Book, 1844-1860; Cornwall family, papers, 1776, 1801, 1826, 1833, 1848; Western District - Inhabitants, petition for survey, 1812; Baptiste Derocher, crown grant, 1798; Labadie family, papers relating to Indians, 1765-1775; Antoine Ignace Dufresne, account book, 1793-1794; Mathew Elliot, personal papers, 1796 and 1808; Essex Historical Society, Papers and Records of the Society, 1761-1958; John Baptiste Fere (the younger), crown grant, 1815; Daniel Field, land petition, 1821; William Forsith, commission 1794; Fox family, personal and land papers, 1774-1864; James Girty, will, 1804; Hon. James Gordon, personal papers, 1813-1836; Francis Goring, notebook, 1837; Grant family, estate and land papers, 1773, 1813, 1836; Hands family, personal and business papers, 1785-1835; Fort Detroit, letter from Brigadier General Barry St. Leger to Lieutenant Governor Hay, 1784; W.B. Knight, letter to Greenwood & Cox, Paymasters, Royal Regiment of Artillery, 1828; Angus Mackintosh, commercial records, 1783-1830's; McKee family papers and records, 1764-1870; Ontario Militia and Essex Militia, 1812-1813, 1830, 1837-1839; Kent Militia, 1808-1830; Court of Common Pleas, Montreal District, court documents, 1784-1788; George Meldrum and William Park, ledger, 1800-1808; St. John's Church, Sandwich, administrative and vital records, 1805-1827, 1842-1860; Anthony St. Martin, papers, 1785-1787; Thomas Smith, papers, 1800, 1805, 1820; Lieutenant John Clark, Memoirs of the War of 1812, 1860; Walter Roe, commissions, 1789, 1796; Essex Militia, 2nd Regiment, Prize Pay List for 1st Company of the 2nd Regiment, 1812; Detroit, War of 1812, Militia Prize and Pay Lists of soldiers who served in the capture of Fort Detroit, including 1st Essex Militia, 41st and 49th Regiments of Foot, Newfoundland Fencibles and the Staff at Fort Detroit.

Originals: The original records are held by the Archives of Ontario.
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